Perfect for Agility


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"Perfect leash for agility training. It stretches enough to hold comfortably, yet when ready to release the dog, it's quick and easy to slip over her head so she can do her run, then slip off her head after to hold again. Much easier and safer than holding on to the loose leash in your hand and trying to guide your dog. I highly recommend for anyone doing agility or other canine sports where a leash may be needed, but can be a hinder your mobility."

My hiking leash

Heather Montane 

IG  @bend.brothers

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"The leash works great. It is well made and seems very durable.  I use it mainly when hiking, because much of the time my dog is free to roam so I can just loop it over his head, but then I have it available when I need to keep him close, like when other people are around or we pass through more treacherous terrain."

Absolutely amazing!

Kassandra Faetz 

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"Just got my only leash and it is absolutely amazing !!! The quality is unlike any other leash I have ever owned! The stretch is amazing, the fabric is soft but sturdy and I love it! 10/10 definitely would recommend!!!!! " 

This is Genius!

Cassi Anderson 

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"Been searching and searching for a product that would work for agility class. This is genius. :) Super well made and sturdy. Amazing! Love it"

The leash the service dog community has been waiting for!

Kate Thompson 

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"As a service dog handler there is always uncertainty as you take your dog through TSA checkpoints. Many of us use long over the shoulder leashes and I always wince as my dogs feet get tangled up by dragging leashes in this potentially dangerous situation. (you never know if a pet or working canine is just around the corner as your dog is in their down stay waiting to go through the metal detector). I'm very excited to say that this is the leash the service dog community has been waiting for. It can also be used day to day in high traffic areas and for more communication with your partner." 

So convenient

Julie Barber 

IG  @juliesk9academy

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"My dog Riggins LOVES his only leash! We use it hiking all the time and it’s so convenient and well made!!!"

Really handy!!

Sara Carson 


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"I’ve used a few now and I have to say they are really handy!! Use them all the time!"

Huge time saver! 

IG @2dogs_1couple

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"Tried out our new #OnlyLeash this weekend and absolutely loved it! Not only is it durable and a great way to teach Elvis and Hank how to heel, but it is also a HUGE #TimeSaver. Now when we get ready to go on our next #adventure we won't have to worry about dealing with all the problems that come with using a regular leash. #WhyWasntThisInventedSooner #NeverGoingBack"


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I love it!

Sruthi Thelakkat 

IG  @taleinthetail

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"I didn’t know that I wanted this product until I actually got it. Was there a need for it? Absolutely! I just didn’t think that there was a solution for it in the market.  This is probably the first product where I have nothing negative to say.  I love it and Im sure you will too"


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Good for mini 

horses too!

Abrea Hensley 


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"I was a little hesitant at first. This is not a design you normally see with horses. Nevertheless, I agreed to give it a try. I'm so glad that I did! My hand tends to go numb from holding a traditional lead when Flirty and I go on our daily walks. No more with my Only Leash! It sits easily in the palm of my hand without me needing to grip it tightly." 


Katherine Dubois 


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"I'm looking for words to describe how obsessed I am with our new Only Leash we got for Freya! It just might be the coolest little tool we've come across! It's so innovative and really amazing. @only_leash has truly changed the leash game!"

So durable

Leah Donlon 

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"I absolutely love this product. It is so durable, the colors are beautiful and it helps Luna learn to stay close to me. It's great for when you want to go for a walk and take off the leash without it dragging, but still not have to carry it OR when you take your dog to the dog park and you don't want to have to carry your leash OR anything you want it to be for! You should definitely try it out!"

the perfect solution

Deanna Grubb 

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"Love our only leash! It's perfect for the dog park and great for trips from the car to the house! The perfect solution when you don't want to drag along a long leash!"


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Best leashes ever!


IG @ohana.thegsd

"These have got to be the best leashes ever... You don't have a leash hanging, hitting the ground, getting dirty, this is amazing"

Great for agility 

training class 


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"Best leash for our training classes at agility. Most of the dogs in class now have these. What a perfect idea."


customer service

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"Amazing customer service. Fast Shipping. Made very well. So easy to use. We love our only leash and bought another one. It`s so perfect for training, off leash, dog park, hiking and much more. A fun collar and cool leash in one. I highly recommend buying a only leash!!"

Love our only leash!

IG @lillpiper

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"We love our Only Leash. It makes training so much easier. I only wish I had one sooner"

So Impressed!

IG @_libbythelab_

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"I’ve never had a bungee dog product and I’m so impressed! Please buy one as there’s nothing bad about them..they are bright, comfortable to hold and it doubles as a leash and collar! We give it a 10/10!"

Makes car trips easier!


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"This is the best leash I've seen and will be the only leash I will ever buy again! It makes my car trips and walks with the dogs so much easier. And great quality too! Made very strong!"